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Grinta Invest Passive Trading account – If an investor is interested in trading through Grinta Invest but they feel that they are not cut out of monitoring the trading markets on a daily basis, keep track of the trading signals, and make the right decisions at the right time, they can simply go for Passive Trading account.

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Grinta Invest Review

Grinta Invest logoEver since the launch of internet service on a commercial scale, the world is no longer the same as it used to be. There was a time when trading was limited to only a selected group of people who had been in the trading business for many years and had inherited their trading businesses through their ancestors. If someone did manage to start a trading business of their own, they ended up bein broke as they were unable to attract any investors or customers to their platform due to the influence of the old sharks.

Although the situation is still the same in the real-world trading sector, people now have an online trading platform that they can use to offer their services. They now have a platform where they can share their expertise and help others achieve their financial goals and change their lives forever.

Grinta Invest Review

Online Trading Brokerages

With the launch of the online trading industry, some of the prominent online trading instruments that came into being were Forex trading, indices trading, stocks trading, commodities trading, and cryptocurrency trading. Over time, the online trading industry has gained vast amount of recognition and popularity. There are now millions who are eager to get their hands on an online trading brokerage, invest their money through them, and start making profits.

However, the situation in the online trading industry is not as easy as it seems to be or how it is drawn to be. Ever since the boom of the online trading industry, thousands of online trading brokerages have come into being but hardly, there are not many brokerages that manage to live up to their names and claims. There are several online brokerages that have been developed and launched out of the greediness of expert traders who are only after the investors for their money and wealth.

These kinds of online trading brokerages have no interest in supporting the online traders and help them make a good profit out of their trades. They are there only to get money out of investors and throw them into the dark with no help or support to lead them anywhere in the online trading industry.

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Grinta Invest Lives Up to Its Reputation

Grinta Invest is one of the online trading brokerages that aim to provide investors as many opportunities to make money as possible. In order to achieve this, Grinta Invest not only provides investors the opportunity to trade in Forex, Commodities, Cryptocurrencies, and Indices trading but also provides them different chances of making money through the platform.

What is Grinta Invest?

Grinta Invest exists as an Electronic Communication Network (ECN) Broker that aims to provide investors the best services and trade management services. It is always on the lookout for finding and introducing innovation in the online trading sector and facilitate its investors to the fullest. While the majority of the online trading brokerages focus on getting money out of the investors, Grinta Invest follows a completely different code.

Grinta Invest is focused on providing all the facilities and knowledge to its traders so they have one of the finest and most convenient trading experiences and continue making huge profits. Over time, the platform has introduced many innovations to its trading mechanics and frameworks to ensure that its investors are able to make the most out of their trades and profits. The firm has not limited itself to manual trading or human trading, but Grinta Invest has invested a lot in automated trading technology in order to smoothen the trading experience of its traders.

Grinta Invest’s Experienced and Dedicated Team

Grinta Invest is one of the online trading brokerages that have managed to be in the online trading industry enough that it knows how to take full advantage of the online trading markets. This could not be made possible without the team of expert developers, traders, and analysts who are performing their duties and responsibilities to the fullest to ensure that the investors are getting the best trading experience.

The experts that Grinta Invest has are veterans in the online trading industry and have been honing their skills in the industry for more than 13 years. These experts are from different parts of the world and have a huge amount of experience on their back in terms of trading markets. The developers at Grinta Invest are in the same league as the expert traders and analysts. At Grinta Invest, it is up to the trading experts and analysts to keep looking for the latest and trending trading maneuvers and tactics and even come up with new ideas.

However, it is the developers and programmers at Grinta Invest who know exactly what and how the trading experts and analysts want and they always deliver the best. All of the teams at Grinta Invest are very dedicated and determined to help the investors in grooming and polishing their trading profiles and skills.

Why Grinta Invest?

If someone is interested in online trading then the only reason why they are interested is to make extra money or make online trading their primary source of income. Fortunately for such investors, Grinta knows exactly what it needs to provide the investors so they can make a living out of the industry as early as possible.

Grinta Invest knows that one of the most sensitive things about the investors is their hard-earned money and savings. The firm knows that the investors are very skeptical and cautious about their money and at times, they would question a firm a thousand times before they even get interested in knowing more about the firm.

Grinta Invest is fully aware of this and it even provides investors the opportunity of making money other than trading through more than one kind of programs such as Affiliates, Introducing a Broker, Referring a Friend, and White Label.

When it comes to making investments, Grinta Investments ensures that every single penny invested by the investors holds the same amount of worth and value as millions of dollars invested. Therefore, it does what it can to facilitate them and provide them with all the guidance and support they need to keep on going in the online trading industry.

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Trading Accounts Offered by Grinta Invest

Whenever a trader or client joins the online trading industry for the first time, their main concern and pain point is losing any of their investments right at the beginning of their trading journey. Grinta Invest knows that the online trading markets such as Forex, Commodities, Cryptocurrencies, and Indices can be really complex and too much to handle for the newly joined investors. This is the reason why it tends to provide a number of options to the online traders so they can choose the option of their liking:

Demo Trading Account

At present, it is almost impossible to find any online trading brokerage that offers their investors the option of first taking some demo of the online trading industry before they start trading. The majority of the online trading brokerages get straight to business and demand the investors to make a minimum deposit even if they visit the platform with the aim to gain some knowledge and basic trading experience without having to invest their money.

However, Grinta Invest offers its investors the freedom to gain as much trading knowledge, experience, and information as possible. It offers its investors a demo account that the investors can use to their advantage even before they start trading in real-time. The demo account offered by Grinta Invest tends to provide investors with a sandboxed version of the online trading markets.

The markets that the traders get to trade in the demo account are the exact replications of the real-time trading markets. The traders have access to all the tools and options they have in real-time trading but none of the investments in the demo account require any real-time money. If the investors believe that they have enough experience to step into the real-time trading account, they can go for the live account provided by Grinta Invest.

Active Trading Account

When it comes to living to trade, Grinta Invest does not bombard investors with a variety of online trading accounts. It just does it in the form of an “Active Trading” account and a “Passive Trading” account. When it comes to the Active Trading account, the users have control over all the trading markets, tools, and all other functionalities of their trades.

Therefore, the decision of opening a position and closing a position is completely up to the investors. Even if you choose to trade through Grinta Invest on your own, the firm does not leave your side and facilitates you through an account manager whom you will always find by your side. No matter the kind of situation or problem the investors are stuck in, they can always get help and guidance from Grinta Invest’s account managers.

When it comes to online trading, one of the major attractive factors in online trading is the leverage a trading brokerage provides their investors. Most of the online trading brokerages offer 1:200 or 1:300 leverage trading at max. Even in leverage trading, Grinta invest offers its investors 1:500 leverage trading. Therefore, if the investor finds a position extremely beneficial and wants to invest more in the position, they do not have to make more deposits. Instead, they can use the leverage trading option and increase their profits through investments.

As long as investors are trading with Grinta Invest, they can rest assured that they will be supplied and provided with the most advanced and unique trading instruments and tools. When it comes to trading instruments, investors are provided with the max amount of trading markets as well as sub-options in those particular trading instruments.

Passive Trading Account

The other option that the investors can avail themselves of for trading through Grinta Invest is “Passive Trading”. This is where Grinta Invest takes things to the next level by incorporating human brainpower with artificial intelligence. If an investor is interested in trading through Grinta Invest but they feel that they are not cut out of monitoring the trading markets on a daily basis, keep track of the trading signals, and make the right decisions at the right time, they can simply go for Passive Trading account.

When it comes to the passive trading account, the investors let the computers and calculations take care of the trading activities on their behalf. The passive trading account is backed by algorithms that have been designed and deployed by the developers at Grinta Invest. These algorithms are designed to pick data from the trading markets, analyze it, and make the best trading decision for investors so then make the most profit out of a position.

The algorithm picks data from several banks and runs a comparison between the prices of a particular asset that has been selected by the investor. If a price of an asset has increased on all banks except for one then the algorithm opens a position in that particular bank, which is at the lowest price, only to sell it off to make the most profit out of an investment.

On top of that, the passive trading account works solely on algorithms so there are no feelings or sentiments that can lead to a less profitable business decision. Algorithmic trading does not make any errors with respect to calculations and makes decisions with a full profit mechanism. Therefore, the chances of investors making high profits are increased through passive trading.

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Deposits and Withdrawals on Grinta Invest

The management at Grinta Invest knows how sensitive and concerned people become when it comes to depositing and withdrawing money. There are several online trading brokerages that offer a wide range of deposit and withdrawal options thinking that it would help the investors. Unfortunately, it only confuses the investors and as a result, the investors end up moving to a different platform.

Therefore, Grinta Invest ensures that it makes things way too easy for the investors to understand and started trading with the platform after paying the minimum deposit amount.


As far as the deposits are concerned, the investors can go for a bank wire transfer, Visa credit/debit, and MasterCard (credit/debit). For now, Grinta Invest allows investors to choose to deposit money in the form of EUR and USD. No matter the currency they have, the moment investors make the minimum deposit, their currency is transferred to either EUR or the USA. For now, the minimum deposit amount required by Grinta Invest is $250 or €250 that is required by the company to trade in either of the instruments.

One of the most important benefits of setting up an account with Grinta means that there are no processing fees or hidden charges imposed by Grinta Invest on the traders of the firm. However, there may be charges imposed by the third parties in order to process a transaction or other ways.


When it comes to withdrawals, Grinta Invest makes sure that the equivalent of the total amount deposited by the investors is paid to the investor through the same medium. This means that if a customer used their personal bank account to deposit $500 through bank wire transfer, then Grinta Invest would keep paying the investor back through the same bank account until $500 of his total amount is paid in full. If he had paid another $200 with a credit/debit card, then the rest of his profits are paid out through the same method he used to deposit $200.

Similar to deposits, Grinta Invest does not charge investors for the withdrawal requests they make or even when they receive their profits. As long as investors are going with a bank account or credit/debit card, then there is nothing to worry about extra fees or charges. However, the eWallets or the intermediary banks that the investors choose may incur such charges that cannot be avoided.

Grinta Invest’s Online Trading Platform

When it comes to offering users the online trading platform, Grinta Invest is always providing the most secure and reliable platform to the users. The firm is currently providing its investors with MetaTrader 4 online trading platform that is one of a kind in the online trading industry.

Although the online trading industry has introduced many more platforms, yet Grinta Invest has managed to make its name against all other online trading platforms. The platform is known for providing investors with the most comprehensible, user-friendly, and a state of the art trading environment to the investors.

When it comes to providing tools and benefits, the MetaTrader 4 platform has no match as it provides investors with a long list of services. Some of the most prominent services include multiple trading markets, latest trading charts, latest trading historical report, algorithmic trading, auto-position open, auto-position closed, technical indicators, multi-lingual support, and many more.

When it comes to providing the platform through different channels, Grinta Invest ensures that the MetaTrader 4 platform is offered through all possible mediums. For now, the Grinta Invest online trading platform is available to investors through web, android, iOS, MacOS, and independent platform.

Grinta Invest’s Partnering Programs

Staying true to its reputation and providing investors with more opportunities of earning money, Grinta Invest encourages its users to promote the platform to create public awareness and bring in more adoption rates to the company. At present, there are many users on Grinta Invest that have not even gained any experience in online trading nor have they deposited any money at the firm. Instead, they are constantly promoting and advertising the platform through a number of options to make a living:

Refer a Friend

In order to encourage its current investors or clients to bring in more business and awareness to the company, Grinta Invest has launched a “refer a friend” program. According to the program, if a user refers a family member or a friend to Grinta Invest, then they are eligible for making a decent amount of commission through the referral program. The amount for the commission is also dependent on how much the referred person deposits, the first time in many years.

Introducing Brokers

Introducing Brokers (IB) is also a method that is introduced by Grinta Invest that gives users the option of referring people to the Grinta Invest platform, then invests on their behalf mostly using PAMM, and most importantly, provides people with customer support. As a result of providing the services, the users are then provided with Introducing Brokers commission as per the program.


Affiliates are another way for people or investors to make a profit apart from making investments through the Grinta Invest platform. The affiliate program allows users to use their webpages, blogs, or other social media channels to promote Grinta Invest. In order to do this, the users are not required to have any significant amount of trading knowledge or anything but skills to advertise the firm and present its services in the most effective and attractive manner.

If a person wishes to become an Affiliate with Grinta Invest, they are not required to make any deposits or investments. They can sign up for free and start advertising Grinta Invest through their platform. The more users they are able to bring in to Grinta Invest through their channels, the more commissions they keep on making.

White Label

Over time, Grinta Invest has matured so much that it does not feel insecure intimidated if a new online trading brokerage debuts on the platform. The firm actually encourages more expert traders and analysts to share their knowledge and information through a proper platform. Therefore, Grinta Invest is available for any users or investors who are willing to open up their own online trading brokerage.

The firm is always available for consultation and guidance in order to strengthen your online trading brokerage and help it get up on its feet.

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Adherence to KYC and AML Policies

In order to remain a risk-free, reliable, and secure online trading platform, and to provide its users with the most ethical trading environment, Grinta Invest ensures that it is 100% adherent to the major regulatory policies. In the online trading industry, some of the major regulatory policies include the Know-Your-Customer (KYC) and the Anti-Money Laundering (AML) policy.

When it comes to KYC policy, the firm is required to acquire the personal identification information of the investors to run a check on their background to see if they have any criminal records or if they were ever involved in any illicit transactions. Therefore, the firm ensures that from time to time, it keeps on updating the personal and verified information of the investors on its platform.

As for the AML policy, Grinta Invest ensures that it keeps a close eye on each transaction flowing in and out of its platform. The company also has the right to investigate suspected transactions or report them to the regulatory bodies if those transactions are considered to pose a risk or may be involved in money-laundering.

Grinta Invest’s 24/7 Customer Support

In order for any firm to provide its services in the most efficient and effective manner, it must have a team of highly skilled and professional customers representing it from the frontlines. Grinta Invest is fully aware of this and in order to cater to all small and big problems faced by the investors, it has put together a team of highly skilled and professional individuals.

These individuals are tasked with supporting the investors with their queries and problems after training them on all the fundamentals and key factors of providing customer support. If an investor has a query and it can wait, then they can write an email over to Grinta Invest’s 24/7 email support whom shall get in touch in a short amount of time.

However, if the investors are eager to find a prompt solution to their problem, they can contact Grinta Invest’s 24/7 live support via WhatsApp.

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